Good Habit Cafe

Good Habit Cafe



Chef entrepreneurs turn grade one heritage convent into bustling new cafe.

The historic Community of the Scared Name convent, was closed to the public for over a century, until July 7. But it’s now bright and buzzing Good Habit café.

It is situated in the heart of Christchurch’s City central on the corner of St Asaph and Barbadoes streets.

Co-owner Amanda Heasley remembers peering over the fences of the convent as a child, intrigued by its mystery.

Three months prior to the opening, the foundations were lifted and replaced and these now form the borders of their gardens where they are growing their own produce.

Heasley and business partner Ruth Trevella are no strangers, being driven by their passion for food. They both studied at Ara Institute of Canterbury as chefs and together started The Catering Belle in 2010.

Good Habit is popular for their doughnuts that sell out every day. These, as well as their range of breads, cakes and slices are all made at The Catering Belle kitchen.

“I think Ruth is the same, I really enjoy creating spaces that people can come and enjoy either on their own or for celebration.

"Running cafes is a really good, wholesome profession,” Heasley said.

The logo was created by Trevella’s husband, whose inspiration was a photograph of a nun riding a bicycle.

This photograph is now one of the main pieces hung on wall of the cafe. The nuns are some of their regular customers and quite liked the design.

Heasley believes eating in a beautiful old building in Christchurch is quite rare now. The pair have a large following and promote solely through social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

Heasley has another cafe in the works with Foundation cafe set to open in the Christchurch library, Tūranga, in the coming months.